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The Brand Life Pt. 2

I'm excited to announce that I have a new contributor to the blog. Remember this post about Imogene + Willie called The Brand Life? Well Loren from the blog Little Gems is going to help me curate posts for this series. The idea is to find a brand and a product and match it with a well thought out lifestyle that represents that brand and the culture behind it. Fun, right? Also, check out Lo's blog Little Gems for more eye candy and fun design - you won't be dissapointed! 
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Dusen Dusen is an independent clothing line by the designer Ellen Van Dusen. Ellen works with unique patterns on basic, timeless cuts. Her spring/summer 13' line is inspired by the Italian design collective, Memphis. Its refreshing to see neutral colors paired with such bold patterns. The lifestyle, like the brand, is similarly a fusion of a modern and artful minimalism. I'd say these pieces are innovative staples, no? -Lo


New Series : The Brand Life

So it is sort of my job to study branding and what makes it successful. What about the look and feel of a brand makes us want to buy everything that brand has to offer? What makes us want to be a part of it and live like they live? Some brands just get it totally right. They make every last detail special and visually appealing - they even go so far as to make a lifestyle out of it. When a brand presents an entire culture based around their image or product and they make it look totally appealing, fun, inclusive, fascinating.. whatever it may be.. we totally want to be a part of it! How do they do it? I am always trying to put my finger on exactly what it is. But sometimes it is just easier to explain with pictures. So I want to introduce a new series called "The Brand Life". I will be presenting a brand and their products and then showing you the lifestyle/image they have portrayed to back it up through social media and online. When Imogene + Willie introduced their new Fall Line for women my heart skipped a beat. This is a brand that totally got it right.

Dear Imogene + Willie, You really hit the nail on the head! Love, Jane Reaction P.S. I really wouldn't mind owning a pair of these high waisted denim. I think they would change my life!